Lockard Creative

For more than twenty years, Lockard Creative has provided uniquely expert design leadership to prominent developers, planners and creative teams across the globe.

As one of the world's pre-eminent early-phase design specialists, our enormous breadth of experience in projects of all types and scales provides one-of-a-kind, high-value capabilities to our clients. We work everywhere, on everything, and with everybody, excelling equally as guru, ghost or guest, leading the design effort, standing in for missing capabilities, or augmenting an already strong team.

Our unmatched design fluency allows our clients to pursue their visions without compromise. We do the drawings no one else can do, in a fluent design interaction that allows our clients to set proper project direction confident not only in the quantifiable, but also in the crucial experiential aspects of their vision. Our experience in complex, phasing-driven projects, as well as pure blue-sky conceptualization, ensures an optimal balance of pragmatism and inspiration.

Don't just imagine the possibilities. Uncover them, examine them, and define them. Then see them through.

"I have worked with many gifted designers and architects, but none more creative and capable."

For information on Lockard Creative, including design, planning and visioning services, as well as specific project data, please visit LockardCreative.com or call +1 415.721.1414

Principles, Processes, and the Purview of the Architect

—D.J. Marini, former General  Manager, L ucasfilm Ltd.