Principles, Processes, and the Purview of the Architect

Praise for  M. Scott Lockard's The Nature of Design

"I have worked with many gifted  designers and architects, but none more creative and capable ... The Nature of Design reflects Lockard's rare ability to blend innovation and aesthetics with practicality."

—D.J. Marini, former General Manager, Lucasfilm Ltd. 

"Lockard's conversational style and compelling insights make for a rare backstage look into the process by which ideas become the buildings and environments that surround us. He has 'been there, done that' for a galaxy of prominent architects and developers, and in this book is able to articulate in great detail how such projects go from rough ideas to full-fledged projects. Scott's candid revelations fuel the text with a behind-the-scenes narrative that will be a revelation to clients and architects alike."

—Craig Hodgetts, Professor of Architecture, UCLA SUPRASTUDIO 

"A stimulating visual and narrative wonderland ... This work may very well be the best and most comprehensive attempt in some time to integrate both the philosophy and practice of design into a single composition. It should be an essential component in every designer's library. "

—Carl F. Hagelman, former Design Director, Walt Disney Imagineering 

"Scott Lockard's work is astonishing. This book is a 'must read' for seasoned architects and urban designers who will find the provocative message resonating with their own challenges and insecurities in achieving compelling, functional and realistic designs. Likewise, those who aspire to a career in the unique and seemingly mysterious world of design will find answers and guidance which can help shape their way forward, out of the darkness and frustration which students typically encounter in their quest for a meaningful role in the business of architecture and design."

—Gordon Linden, author of The Expo Book, former Project Manager, Bechtel,  and current advisor to Parsons and numerous public and private entities for large-scale urban planning for international events. 

"The observations and opinions are invariably thoughtful—earthy, pragmatic, often amusing—and more than occasionally profound." (From the Foreword.)

—Paul Stevenson Oles, author of Architectural Illustration 

"The ability to communicate in nano-seconds with a few strokes and annotations is still the most efficient and evocative tool ... a manifestation of collaborative design thinking giving instant life to nascent ideas and what-ifs."

—Ro Shroff, Senior Vice President, CallisonRTKL

"The observations and opinions are invariably thoughtful—earthy, pragmatic, often amusing—and more than occasionally profound"  


—Paul Stevenson Oles, FAIA
Author of Architectural Illustration